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The LinkedIn Lead Challenge: 4 Days to Explosive Growth

Discover how to leverage the power of LinkedIn to generate a consistent stream of high-quality leads for your business through a comprehensive 4-day challenge that covers everything from defining your ideal client to nurturing and converting prospects into paying customers.

Throughout the challenge, participants will have the opportunity to engage in live daily Q&A sessions, receive critiques on their work, and network with other participants in a dedicated skool community group at https://leadeth.io/skool.

Day 1 (9 am Mon 20th May) - Introduction to LinkedIn and Identifying Buyer Persona

  • Focus: Importance of LinkedIn as a lead generation tool we'll guide you through the process of defining your ideal buyer persona.

  • Challenge: Complete your own Story-Brand framework and optimize your personal LinkedIn profile.

Day 2 (9am Tue 21st May) - Connecting and Engaging with Prospects

  • Focus: Learn how to find and connect with the right prospects using LinkedIn.

  • Challenge: Script your connection messages. Find 20 contacts from your existing network, find 100 new 2nd degree prospects to connect with.

Day 3 (9am Wed 22nd May) - Content Creation and Lead Nurturing

  • Focus: Learn effective content creation that appeals to the defined buyer persona.

  • Challenge: Create a content plan, including posts, newsletters, or your first LinkedIn Live.

Day 4 (9am Thursday 23rd May) - Conversion Strategies and Scaling Up:

  • Focus: Convert connections into conversations and then to clients. We'll tools and techniques to scale the lead generation efforts.

  • Challenge: Role-playing sessions on handling common objections, closing techniques, and tools to automate and scale the LinkedIn lead generation process.

Participants that manage to attend all 4 days will be entered into a prize draw winning a Leadeth Growth subscription for 3 months (worth £630).


The speakers

This event will be powered by some great professionals

Alex Smith



Alex is a digital entrepreneur and business owner who started his own ventures in 2014, selling decorative stickers on eBay and building a successful Amazon brand with over half a million in annual revenue. With a background in the printing industry, having worked in his family’s business, Print Team, from a young age, Alex has a passion for entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

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Victor Akindeji

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Victor Akindeji

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Speaker profile photo

Victor Akindeji